Glider 3d is a freeware flight simulator specially dedicated to radio control sailplanes.
It is created using C++ and uses the graphic libraries for OpenGL.
It is accompanied by three other programs which make it possible to create and modify models of sailplanes, to create and modify models of landforms, and finally to analyze parameters of recorded flights.

The simulator: Glider 3d

The prime objective was to closely approximate where ever possible, the real dynamic behavior of a radio control sailplane. For that, particular care was put into the aerodynamic realism of the modules and the perfect representation of the physics equations for mechanics of flight.

The second objective was to accurately model a large variety of possible aerological and meteorological environmental conditions, making it possible to reproduce various thermal or dynamic flying conditions, in plain or inclined flight. The simulator thus integrates a module for calculation of wind flow around ground surface features, and a model of ascents and descents in thermals coupled with the flow.

Lastly, It is possible to create your own sailplanes and to control them, and to create your own landforms and terrain.

The editor of sailplanes: GEd

This is a 3D editor specifically for the design of models of sailplanes. Each element (wing, stabilizer, fuselage, etc) is defined by its geometry, its mass and of the specific parameters such as the profile used for the elements of airfoil. A dynamic 3d view makes it possible to easily control the design.

The editor of Landforms: LEd

This is a 2d editor specifically for the creation of landforms and terrain. The landforms are created starting from level lines defined by the user. A specific maillor allows you to generate a grid ROAM 3d.

The analyzer of flights: GAl

A last program was developed to analyze parameters of flights recorded in a file. This tool for analysis makes it possible to help optimize the design of new models.

State of the project

Glider 3d always evolves and improves. Version 1.1 is a first complete version. It is not compatible with all types of hardware and definitely requires a graphics card 3Dfx (standard Voodoo).

A version 2.0 is under development. It integrates fundamental changes such as compatibility with all the hardware, a new graphic interface, a new landform modeller to manage very large landforms (ROAM), a new module for calculating the flow of the wind, and improvements of the engine and made graphic for more realism. An incomplete version of the test program is available.

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